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Raid Progression
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Heroic Shannox Down!

Incubizzle a posted Aug 30, 11
An old kill for us but again, I've been lazy.

Present for video and screenshot: Incubizzle, Pronz, Cherish, Farzhar, Tums, Olliegates, Whiteswag, Darux, Cryoshock, Skeleto

Present for our original kill: Incubizzle, Pronz, Cherish, Stormlantern, Tums, Olliegates, Whiteswag, Darux, Frensi, Nypron

Thanks and congrats to everyone!

Ragnaros Down!

Incubizzle a posted Jul 26, 11
Good job everyone.

Heroics start this week!

Majordomo Staghelm Down!

Incubizzle a posted Jul 26, 11
This is for all that Morrowgrain.

I stood in the breath =(